Reflections On My Time as a Graduate Student

Image used under Pixabay licenseImage by StockSnap from Pixabay As a new teacher you lack confidence and can sometimes feel intimidated by those with more experience, more education, or a more powerful position.  When I began teaching I looked up to my administrators or those teachers that had graduate degrees. I was not sure that... Continue Reading →

Video Games: An Educational Exploration by a Teacher/Gamer/Graduate Student

On my fifth birthday I received a Nintendo Entertainment System which came with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.  Eventually I moved up to other systems such as a Sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo.  I even played some of the first massive multiplayer online games such as Ultima Online and Everquest as a teenager.  So naturally growing up, video games were part of my life. Image... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down My Book Cover Challenge

The “Book Cover Challenge” is a challenge that has been going around Twitter in 2019.  It basically is a week long process where you post the cover of a book that you have enjoyed without a review for seven days while nominating someone else to do the challenge each time that you post.  I was... Continue Reading →

Board Games

It’s a cold winter Saturday night in Winnipeg.  The hometown hockey team, the Winnipeg Jets are not playing, with the Saturday time slot on Hockey Night in Canada usually taken by the Toronto Maple Leafs and other Canadian NHL teams.  At my kitchen table sit a couple of teachers, a welder, an accountant, and a... Continue Reading →

Teacher Tips for Video Production

Having done my B.A. with a major in film production and working as a multimedia teacher, I frequently get asked from other educators for tips or assistance for shooting videos or creating a film production unit.  My previous education focused more on cinematic theory or an auteur style approach, where as more recently I have... Continue Reading →

Project-Based Learning in Multimedia Production

Project-Based Learning in Middle Years Technology Classes My classroom features many “projects” that focused on producing media in various forms.  Naturally, I was interested in investigating project-based learning (PBL) for a paper in an independent study course.  I discovered that PBL is a pedagogical approach that focuses on learning through experiential learning activities that moves... Continue Reading →

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