Stone Age Personal Finance Lesson

For a presentation I did at Red River College in Winnipeg, I put together a lesson/activity plan for using the board game Stone Age which is a resource management worker placement game where you are performing actions to help develop your tribe. You can download a PDF version hereDownload The details are also below, but... Continue Reading →

Reflections On My Time as a Graduate Student

Image used under Pixabay licenseImage by StockSnap from Pixabay As a new teacher you lack confidence and can sometimes feel intimidated by those with more experience, more education, or a more powerful position.  When I began teaching I looked up to my administrators or those teachers that had graduate degrees. I was not sure that... Continue Reading →

Video Games: An Educational Exploration by a Teacher/Gamer/Graduate Student

On my fifth birthday I received a Nintendo Entertainment System which came with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.  Eventually I moved up to other systems such as a Sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo.  I even played some of the first massive multiplayer online games such as Ultima Online and Everquest as a teenager.  So naturally growing up, video games were part of my life. Image... Continue Reading →

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